Curved to capture an eternal light, flexible gold and diamonds encase a titanium core.


Intricate patterns inlayed with diamonds capture the magic and intensity of the Moroccan night.
Choose from white, yellow, or rose gold.


Classically cut diamonds set in white gold celebrate the beauty and elegance of a woman.


Capture the majesty and serenity of nature in these free flowing, beautiful, and ethereal designs.


Shine your brightest in our Casbah collection.
The characteristic milligrain technique creates tiny hemispheres of light, multiplying the brilliance of the diamond.

Private Collection

Our master jewelers are committed to turning your dreams into a reality by handcrafting totally individual and unique pieces.


Inspired by the sumptuous atmosphere of the Roman Empire, these pieces, bold in shape and laden with stones, exude an air of ancient extravagance.
Channel Caesar’s tasteful magnificence with a piece crafted from gold, diamonds, and precious stones.


Set your sights on eternity; timeless diamond rings exude an air of sophistication.


Style and creativity define this fashion forward collection.
Immerse yourself in the fantastical with pieces expertly crafted from gold, diamonds, jade, and colored sapphires.


Innovative and trendy, the Folies collection is one of a kind.
Embrace your individuality with pieces crafted from gold, mother of pearl, adularia, and diamonds.