The superb colour line of emerald, ruby and sapphire combined with a radiant rail of diamonds generate an expression of freshness and simplicity, to create a perfect jewel prêt à porter.
Diamonds and precious stones.


A multitude of reflexes, an everlasting game of brilliance, the involving emotion.
Gold and diamonds.


Dress in the light. The perfect jewel for celebrate the beauty of the woman.
Gold and diamonds.


The perfect design…to embrace the natural movement, beauty and force of nature.
Gold and diamonds.


The body is delineated by light, like the milligrain technique that creates tiny hemispheres, whose gleams multiply the brilliance of precious diamonds by filling them with light.
Gold with diamonds.

Private Collection

The private collection. Our specialized artisans master jewellery can turn your dreams into reality.


A special treatment of gold part makes to these jewels a sort of downy skin covered by drops of diamonds.
Gold with diamonds.


The timeless rings; gold with diamonds in different cuts that chase each other in eternity.


Style and creativity for these “fashion” jewels, in which the fantasy is the expression of the real luxury.
Gold with diamonds, jade and colored sapphires.


Gold, mother of pearl, adularia and diamonds marks the Folies collection.
So innovative and trendy these jewels are uniques.