Single and together…the awakening of emotions, wonderful elegance of a light drop.
The pure brightness in a succession of brilliant shapes!


The perfect design…to embrace the natural movement, beauty and force of nature.


In these classic prêt-à-porter rings of refreshing informality and allure, agate, coral, onyx, turquoise and quartz orchestrate a symphony of colour accompanied by a glittering diamond pavé.


Contemporary jewels in which imagination becomes the design of style and soft creativity. Coloured sapphires in delicate shades and different shapes, rhomboid, square and oval, in various sizes, alternate with diamonds in an incessant pattern of sparkling light. Diamonds and sapphires are also combined to form luxurious geometrical patterns decorating rings, pendants and long ear-rings.


A new collection that tells a story of originality, a precious branch of an imaginative botanical fantasy: white, red and bright yellow gold, and a pavé of white diamonds blossom into turgid blooms, delineating complex foliage of oriental fragrance.


The lightness of the sharpe, the radiant dimension of the lines, a delicate movement to cherish the fine shiver, so essential.


The collection is focused on a series of prestige rings in bright white or yellow gold, with alternating bands and black and coloured diamond rosettes.
As if they were soft orbits of stars, in incessant pursuit and intersection.

Coriandoli evolution

The purity of diamonds and the warmth of gold in its various nuances produce jewellery of sophisticated and wonderfully soft forms.
Chokers, rings, bracelets and ear-rings are made with intricate geometrical forms of powerful impact and style.



The milligrain technique that creates tiny hemispheres, whose gleams multiply the brilliance of precious diamonds
by filling them with light.


Like a fabric of small pavé mounts with diamonds, in combination with black diamonds to create different designs.
The result is an haute couture meshwork of extraordinarily soft texture, both to touch and on the skin.